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The Yellowhammer (emberiza citrinella) is an European bunting.

Description Edit

The Yellowhammer is about 16 cm long. The male has yellow head, hevily streaked upperparts, rufous rump and yellow or brown (it depends from the subspecie) underparts. The female looks like a female sparrow.

Behavior Edit

This bunting feeds mainly on the ground and has a heavy beak used to break seeds, which are its main source of food. It also eats berries, like nettles, and insects like grasshoppers and catterpillars. The breeding starts in April or in May. The couple chooses a territory in hedges or woodland fridges and make a nest in a tree or in a bush using feathers, leaves, animal hair, dry grass and small twigs. The female lays five or six white eggs with brown specktles. The female incubates the eggs for 12–14 days to hatching, and broods the altricial downy chicks until they fledge 11–13 days later. Both adults feed the chick in the nest and two or three broods are raised each year.

Similar speciesEdit

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