Wrinkled hornbill
The Wrinkled Hornbill is a Hornbill from the Aceros family.

Appearance Edit

A medium sized bird, they have black plumage and a blue eye ring as their most distinctive features. Males head and neck are primarily yellow, but females are black and blue in that area.

Range Edit

The Wrinkled Hornbill is found on the Malay peninsula, in addition to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

Diet Edit

They primarily eat fruit such as figs, but will eat small animals such as frogs.

Reproduction Edit

They are monogamous and remain in a pair for life. The mother lays eggs in a tree hole, and plasters the entrance with mud and droppings. The male brings food as the female incubates the eggs.

Conservation Edit

The Wrinkled Hornbill is evaluated as near-threatened on the ICUN Red List.

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