For a small wiki on a serious subject, copying from Wikipedia is a great way to start really growing. Currently 190 articles on this wiki. That number could be multiplied by 100 fairly easily if keen contributors copied relevant articles. The Psychology Wiki did it with only a couple of dedicated contributors; this one can too.

Start by copying absolutely everything from the edit box of the Wikipedia page. Save it here, then (when you have time) delete things this wiki really doesn't need.

Usually the only things to delete will be the interwiki links (near the bottom, starting with "[[de:...", [[fr:..." etc, because there are few if any birds wikis in other languages linked to this one. All other Wikipedia links and templates can work here (except for some of the more complex templates, where Wikia equivalents are often available and simpler. See the Starter Pages Wikia or the Templates Wikia if any Wikipedia template doesn't come out right).

Images need to be copied separately; mostly they are on Commons:.

Text links will refer to pages here.

  • If the page doesn't exist here but should, then you may, I suggest, go to the non-existent page and copy it from Wikipedia too.
  • If a link is to a general-purpose page such as "kilometre" or "beach", you can just remove the brackets. But if you want our readers to be able to go to the Wikipedia article, prefix "Wikipedia:" to the link (and use a piped link if you want it to display differently).

Try a couple and see.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 02:02, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

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