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    July 27, 2009 by Capt Rosal

    • Can Birds and Cats Live Together?

    Answer:Yes, cats and birds can live together harmoniously in the same house, as long as their owners are willing to take the precautions that are necessary for the safety of both.

    • What to do if birds swoop

    Most birds only swoop individuals. Be confident and face a swooping bird; usually they only attack people facing away from them. Do not panic and run. ...

    A nature conservation officer carries a Bird covered in oil , from the beach on Moreton Island near Brisbane, Australia

    DeTect is providing a BASH assessment and MERLIN avian radar system survey to address bird-aircraft strike risk issues associated with a roost of Barn Swallows near Durban International

    Birds in the Flight path.

    Australian Pelican is a La…

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