Summer Tanager

Male Summer Tanager

The Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra) is most likely a member of the Cardinalidae family, though it is typically regarded as belonging to the Thraupidae. Therefore, the name "tananger" may not be the most accurate title for this bird. The breeding habitat is open wooded areas, especially those with oak trees, across the Southern United States. The migration range spans Central America, Mexico, and northern parts of South America. It has been witnessed in Europe, though, sightings in that region are extremely rare.


Summer Tanagers are medium-sized birds, though, rather large in comparison to other tanagers. They can be up to 17 cm long, with an average weight of 30 g. The male is a rose red. The female is olive above and orange-yellow below, and some females have been known to develop male pigmentation as they age. Juvenile Summer Tanagers resemble adult females, but the male often develops patches of red during its first winter.

Summer Tanager Female

Female Summer Tanager


Male and Female Summer Tanagers at a bird bath

Male Summer Tanager at a bird feeder


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