The Spix's Macaw is a small, neotropical macaw species native to Brazil. They are critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.
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The Spix's Macaw is about 22 inches from head to tail when full-grown, with a 9 to 11-inch wingpasn. They have signiture plumage - grey-blue on the head, pale-blue on the undersides, and a turquoise-blue everywhere else. They have brwonish black legs, a dark gray beak, and grayish facial skin. The irises of the eye are yellow in adults and brown in juveniles.


This macaw, like most others, diets primarily on nuts, seeds, and fruits.


  • The macaws in the "Rio" movies were based off of the Spix's.
  • They are considered one of the world's most endangered birds.

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