A rockhopper penguin

The rockhopper penguin, or Eudyptes crysocome, are so called because of the fact that they hop across rocks, instead of walking.


Rockhoppers have white underparts/belly, Black head, back and flippers. A red bill and eyes. Most noticeable, they have a golden crest on either side of the head. The hens are smaller.


Rockhoppers live in communities. Despite their small size, rockhopper penguins are one of the most aggressive species of penguins, often using their sharp, strong bills to ward of seabirds. Rockhoppers are also very adaptable, and are some times found in hot areas.


Rockhoppers feed and hunt underwater. Their diet is made up mainly of krill, but they also eat some fish.


Rockhoppers nest close to the shoreline and make their nests out of grass and anything else. They have two eggs which are a whitey-blue.


There are three places with large amounts of rockhoppers, these are: The southern ocean between Australia and Africa, the eastern part of South Africa, and the south of Austrilia.