Parrots are birds who belong to the order Psittaciformes. They are found is Asia, Africa and South America. Some species of parrots (like the monk parakeet and the ringnecked parakeet), excaped from captivity, are now in liberty in Europe and North America. Parrots are often very colourful and have a green, blue, red, brown, gray or yellow plumage. They eat mainly fruits and seeds. Their strong bill is used to broke the hardest seeds. Lorikeets sometimes drink nectar from flowers, and New Zaelandian Keas eat carrions and small animals. All parrots can fly, except the kakapo, a very big and heavy green and brown parrot. Parrots can climb trees very well, using their strong talons and their beak. They are very intelligent, and are considered the smartest birds along with corvids. they also very long-lived: some species (like macaws) can live eighty years.  

monk parakeets

Psittacidae Edit

Psittacidae is the most numerous family in the order Psittaciformes. Macaws, conures, parakeets, ground-parrots, lovebirds and pygmy parrots belong to this family.


  • Psittacinae: parakeets,lovebirds and amazon parrots

    amazon parrot

  • Strigopinae: kakapo
  • Nestorinae: kea and kaka
  • Micropsittinae: pygmy parrots
  • Arinae: macaws and conures

Loridae Edit

Lorikeets belong to this family. They have glossy plumage and often eat nectar.

rainbow lorikeet

Cacatuidae Edit

Cockatoos belong to this family. These parrots are usually have light plumage and always have a crest.


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