Oriental magpie-robin
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: passeriformes
Family: muscicapidae
Genus: copsychus
Species: copsychus saularis
The Oriental magpie-robin is an Asian species of songbird in the flycatcher family. It is the national bird of Bangladesh.

Description Edit

It measures about 19 cm in lenght, including the tail, which is quite long. The male has black head, breast and upperparts and white shoulders, belly and sides of the tail. The female has grey on upperparts, head and breast instead of black.

Behavior Edit

In nature it spends most of his time hopping on the ground among grass and foliage. males tend to climb up trees to sing during the mating season, puffing out their feathers assuming the characteristic upright position and fanning its tail. It builds its nest in small cavities of trees, rocky or urban buildings walls, but also nests in small houses provided traditionally by the people of Bangladesh. The material used for the construction of the nest is almost exclusively vegetable small branches and very green hay that weaves until almost closing the nest to protect it from predators. the female is the most involved in nest building that takes about a week before the deposition, normally, 4 or 5 green eggs with dark spots to blend in with the hay nest. The eggs are incubated by the female until the 14th day. And it's always the female to deal mainly rearing chicks while the male is committed to aggressively defend the territory, also using his imitatoria ability to reproduce verses of other species such as predators or other approaches to discourage dangerous for the chicks.

Feeding Edit

They catch flying insect in the air, but also eat ants, worms, leeches, small geckos, crickets and centipedes on the ground.

Distribution and habitat Edit

It is distributed across much of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia and populates diverse habitats ranging from gardens in urban areas to forests.

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