The oriental cuckoo, or Cuculus saturtus, is a 26cm bird.
Oriental Cuckoo Maiala

An oriental cuckoo perches on a branch in Queensland, Australia.

Appearance Edit

The oriental cuckoo his mostly gray, it has a gray head and wings, and gray stripes on the otherwise white underparts. It has a yellow beak and patch around the eyes. Hens are normally the same, but sometimes they are brown with black barring instead of gray, this, however, is a rare sight.

Habits Edit

Cuckoos, rather then rear their own chicks, lay their egg in another birds nest, when the cuckoo hatches it pushes all the other eggs out of the nest and then takes all the food provided by it’s foster parents. Interestingly, cuckoos can change the color of the eggs they lay to correspond to the color of the foster species eggs.

Feeding Edit

Cuckoos feed on invertebrates which they find in forests.

Similar Birds Edit