A Nest is a structure built by one or more bird to hold eggs.
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  • If you ever find a nest during breeding season, leave it as undisturbed as possible. There is a myth that if you touch the nest, a mother bird will abandon it because of your scent. This was confirmed fasle, as most birds have a fairly weak sense of smell, but it is still very important to leave the nest be. You could damage the eggs, knock a chick out of the nest, or even injure a parent.
  • If you see a baby bird or fledgeling on the ground, before you pick it up look around. If there is a nest with other hatchlings or parents in a tree nearby, it probably means that the bird is learning to fly and made a mistake. The best thing to do is leave it alone, because trial and error are the quickest teachers. However, if you truly believe that the bird has been intentionally knocked out of the nest, or has been seriously injured, take it to a wildlife rehabilitaion center. Do not ever try to remove a wild chick or fledgeling from a nest or raise a bird yourself. In fact, in many places, raising wild birds is illegal.
  • Don't steal eggs. This obvious tip protects hundreds of birds from curious or foolhardy people. Snatching eggs can emotionally upset both the bird's parents and the unhatched chick. Plus, many birds are now endangered. The golden rule is to leave nests alone.

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