Madeira firecrest
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Regulidae
Genus: Regulus
Species: Regulus madeirensis
The Madeira firecrest (regulus madeirensis) is a small passerine bird. It is the smallest bird of Madeira. It was split from a subspecies of the firecrest to a full species in 2003. [1]


It measures 9-10 cm (3.5-3.9 in) in lenght and weights about 5 g (0.18 oz). Rump and back are olive green, with a bronze patch on each shoulder. Underparts are whitish. The breast and ventral areas are a whitish-grey. The striped black and yellow wings sport white wingbars, and its long, tiny beak is black. Its slender legs are brownish-black. The markings on its head are stunning. The facial coloring includes a dark eye surrounded by a line of white feathers and a white supercilium. On the male’s crown, a patch of black feathers encircles a bright orange crest; in the female, this crest is yellow. The sides of the face are a light grey, and a band of yellow separates the face from the wings. The juvenile’s markings differ from the adults in that there is a grey tinge to the back and rump, and they lack the crown patch, eye stripes and white supercilium. [2]


A weak flier which often hops from branch to branch with quick, nervous movements.


The nest is three-layered cup-shaped from cobwebs with moss and little twigs that has an opening at the top. About seven eggs are laid, which are incubated for about fifteen days. Chicks fledge about twenty days after hatching.


This passerine feeds on arthropods like springtails, aphids and spiders.


Can be divided in three parts: a high-pitched zuu zu-zi-zi, followed by a shrill wheez, and a whistled peep. [3]


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