This picture of the Bald Eagle really symbolizes the USA.

The state birds of the USA are the birds each state in the USA chose to symbolize them.

Alabama-Yellowhammer (Northern flicker), Game bird-Wild Turkey

Alaska-Willow Ptarmigan

Arizona-Cactus Wren

Arkansas-Northern Mockingbird

California-California Quail

Colorado-Lark Bunting

Connecticut-American Robin

Delaware-Blue Hen of Delaware(Old English Game Hen)

District of Columbia-Wood thrush

Florida-Northern Mockingbird, Osprey, Bahama Mockingbird

Georgia-Brown Thrasher

Hawaii-Nene(Hawaiian Goose)

Idaho-Mountain Bluebird

Illinois-Northern Cardinal

Indiana-Northern Cardinal

Iowa-American Goldfinch

Kansas-Western Meadowlark

Kentucky-Northern Cardinal

Louisiana-Brown Pelican

Maine-Black-capped Chickadee

Massachusetts-Black-capped Chickadee

Michigan-American Robin

Minnesota-Common Loon

Mississippi-Northern Mockingbird

Missouri-Eastern Bluebird

Montana-Western Meadowlark

Nebraska-Western Meadowlark

Nevada-Mountain Bluebird

New Hampshire-Purple Finch

New Jersey-American Goldfinch

New Mexico-Greater Roadrunner

New York-Eastern Bluebird

North Carolina-Northern Cardinal

North Dakota-Western Meadowlark

Ohio-Northern Cardinal

Oklahoma-Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Oregon-Western Meadowlark

Pennsylvania-Ruffed Grouse

Rhode Island-Rhode Island Bantam Hen

South Carolina-Carolina Wren(Formerly Northern Mockingbird)

South Dakota-Ring-necked Pheasent

Tennessee-Northern Mockingbird

Texas-Northern Mockingbird

Utah-California Gull

Vermont-Hermit Thrush

Virginia-Northern Cardinal

Washington-American Goldfinch

West Virginia-Northern Cardinal

Wisconsin-American Robin

Wyoming-Western Madowlark

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