The Lesser Spotted Woospecker (dendrocopos minor) is the smallest European woodpecker.The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is 13 to 15 cm in lenght. It has a blck-and-white and very streaked plumage. Unlike the Greater Spotted Woodpecker and the Middle Spotted Woodpecker, it hasn't got oval, white patches on its wings. The male is distinguished from the female by his bright red crown. It tends to nest and feed higher up and is quieter in its tapping. Usually located by its call, and its drumming. When feeding it creeps along branches and flutters from branch to branch, flying with an undulating flight in the open. It is foud in open woods, copses, parkland, gardens and orchards, but it tends to frequent the tops of trees, searching for larvae, spiders and wood-boring insects on smaller branches.

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