Aceros hornbill
The Knobbed Hornbill is a Hornbill from the Aceros genus.


It is a large black hornbill with a yellow bill,white tail feathers, pale blue skin around eye, blackish feet and bare dark blue throat. The male has rufous/buff face and neck, orange-red eyes, and a high reddish casque on the top of his bill. The female has a black face and neck, a yellow casque, and brownish eyes.


It is found in Indonesia in tropical evergreen forests on the islands of Sulawesi, Buton, Lembeh, Togian and Muna.


It is a monogamous species, eating fruits and figs like other hornbills.


The female seals itself inside a tree hole for egg-laying. During this time, the male will provide foods for the female and the young.


Widespread and common throughout its range, it is evaluated as Near Threatened according to the IUCN red list.

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