Java sparrow-7941

A Java sparrow on a branch.

Java sparrows, or Lonchura oryzivora, are birds that spend much time in groups and are part of the munia group.

Appearance Edit

The java sparrow is 17cm in length. The adult is unmistakable, with its grey upperparts and breast, pink belly, white-cheeked black head, red eye-ring, pink feet and thick red bill.

Both sexes are similar, but immature birds have brown upperparts and paler brown underparts and cheeks. The rest of their head is dark grey rather than black, and the bill is grey with a pink base.

Feeding Edit

Java sparrows are very gregarious and feed mainly on seeds, especially rice, hence their nickname (rice bird). They also eat invertebrates.


The nest is constructed in a tree or building, and up to eight eggs are laid.