Imperial eagle
The imperial eagle (aquila heliaca) is a raptor which is closely related to the golden eagle.


It is a large eagle with a length of 72–90 cm (28–35 in), a wingspan of 1.8–2.16 m (5.9–7.1 ft) and a weight of 2.45–4.55 kilograms (5.4–10.0 lb). Females are about a quarter larger than males. It closely resembles the Spanish imperial eagle, but has far less white to the "shoulder" and it is slightly larger.[1]


Male and female imperial eagles form pairs at around 4 years of age, and remain in this monogamous pair for life. The Imperial eagle's large nest is called an eyrie, and is constructed from sticks at the top of a tall tree. The youngest imperial eagle hatchling is normally pecked to death or outcompeted for food by its older sibling. Originally a lowland species, in some areas the imperial eagle has been pushed to higher elevations by habitat loss and hunting.[2] Imperial eagles feed mainly on mammals, birds and occasionally carrion (especially in winter.)

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