Hummingbirds (family trochilidae) are small birds in the apodiformes order.

Their sizes vary from the bee hummingbird's (5 cm; smallest bird ever) to the giant hummingbird's (20 cm long).

They usually have colorful, iridescent plumage with blue, green, yellow, pink and red shades.

They live in North and South America.

Their legs are too weak to walk, infact these birds spend much time in flight. They have a fast, hovering flight and can fly backwards. Unlike other birds, hummingbirds have rigid wings, but have very mobile shoulder articulations.

Hummingbirds beat wings very quickly (80 beats per second!), and, to do this, they need a lot of energy. They must eat big amounts of nectar by sucking it from flowers with their long, slim beak, and they risk to starve if they don't eat for 6 hours.

They can live 20 years.

Their nests are usually made of cobwebd, moss, straw and feathers. Chicks are nidiculous.

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