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Podiceps auritus Also known as Slavonian Grebe Length:35cm/14" Wing Span:45cm/18" Weight:450g/1lb


The Horned Grebe is a common sight in winter on Pacific coast; uncommon to rare inland. It has a whining and rattling voice.

Feeding and DietEdit

Forages by diving from surface and swimming underwater, propelled by feet. Also takes items from on or above water's surface. Usually solitary in feeding, but flocks may rarely forage cooperatively; has been seen foraging in association with Surf Scoters.

Mostly insects, crustaceans, fish. Diet varies with habitat and season. In summer may eat mainly insects and crustaceans, also some fish, tadpoles, leeches, salamanders, small amounts of plant material. May eat mostly fish in winter, also crustaceans, mollusks, insects. .


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