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The grey-faced liocichla is a small passerine bird, also known as Omei Shan or Emei Shan liocichla.


The Emei Shan liocichla is an olive-grey coloured bird with red wing patches. The plumage on the face is grey with a slight red ring on each side of the face. The species feeds in the undergrowth of semi-tropical rainforest. It is an altitudinal migrant, spending the summer months above 1000 m and moving below 600m in the winter.[1]


The grey-faced liocichla is found in pairs or in small groups in the undergrowth of subtropical and temperate montane broadleaved forest and in secondary forest, scrub and bamboo, mainly from 1,400-2,400 m in summer, but generally from 500-1,400 m in winter. It feeds on fruit and invertebrates.[2]


Liocichla omeiensis is endemic to China, where it is known from mountain ranges in south-central Sichuan, and has more recently been found in extreme north-east Yunnan. It has been found to be locally common at some localities in the Liaoliangshan and Daxiangling ranges. However, the latest research shows that its geographic range is probably declining.[3]


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