Great black-backed gull
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: charadriiformes
Family: laridae
Genus: larus
Species: larus marinus

The Great Black-backed Gull, or Larus marinus, are Europe’s largest gulls, and that have very dark grey (almost black) backs, hence their name.

Appearance Edit

The black-backed gull has black wings and back, with white underparts and head. Yellow bill with red part on lower section. Also has white daub at the end of the wing and pink legs.

Habits Edit

Black-backed gulls can be very disruptive to sea bird colonies, as they harry the other birds and even eat eggs and chicks occasionally. Pairs, however, are often very solitary. Their laughing call is deeper than most gulls.

Feeding Edit

The black-backed gull feeds mainly on fish and carrion.

Distribution Edit

The great black-backed gull can be sighted in northern Spain to Iceland, through the North Sea, Baltic and Scandinavia.

Similar birdsEdit