Gray Jay
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: passeriformes
Family: corvidae
Genus: perisoreus
Species: perisoreus canadensis
The gray jay (perisoreus canadensis) is a North American corvid.


The gray jay is a stocky and fairly large songbird with short, stout bill. Head is round, tail is long and wings are broad and rounded. The gray jais is dark gray above and light gray below, with black on the back of the head forming a partial hood. The juvenile are grayish black overall, and usually show a pale gape at the base of the bill.


Gray jays are typically in small groups. They fly in quiet swoops, generally holding their wings below the horizontal. While they have a large variety of vocalizations including hoots and chatters, they are less noisy overall than other jays. Gray Jays have very broad diets, eating anything from berries to carrion to handouts from hikers.

Distribution and HabitatEdit

Gray jays live in evergreen (especially spruce) and mixed evergreen-deciduous forest across the boreal forest of the northern United States and Canada, as well as in high mountain ranges of the West.[1]


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