Golden Eagle
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: falconiformes
Family: accipitridae
Genus: aquila
Species: aquila chrysaetos

The golden eagle (aquila chrysaethos) is an eagle that lives in all the Northern Emisphere.

Description Edit

The golden eagle is about one meter long and has a wingspan of 2,20 meters. It has a brown plumage with golden crown and name, wich give the bird its name. Wings and tail are long, broad and squared. The juvenile golden eagle has white patches on and under its wings. Females are a bit bigger than males.

Behavior Edit

Hunting and feeding Edit

The golden eagle eats mainly mammals like hares and rabbits and birds like black grouses, partridges and pheasants. It sometimes hunts reptiles (snakes) and occasionally eats carcass. Golden eagles can also catch smaller birds of prey.

Nesting Edit

Golden eagles mate in March. They make a nest in rocky areas . The nest is made of big twigs. The female eagle lays two creamy-white eggs with brown spots in it. Both parents feed the eaglets and take care of them. Usually, only one eaglet -always the oldest one- survives, because the parents can't find enough prey to feed both the chicks. Golden eagle couples remain together for life and can live 30 years.

Gallery Edit

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