Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Regulidae
Genus: Regulus
Species: Regulus regulus
The Goldcrest (regulus regulus) is the smallest European bird along with the Firecrest.

Description Edit

The Goldcrest is only 8 long and has a wingspan of 15 cm. It has light-green uppperparts and whitish underparts, a black-and-white wing bar, black eyes, beak, moustache and sides of the crown and a yellow-orange crest. Females usually have yellow crests, while males have orange or sometimes almost red crest. The cheecks are light-gray.

Behavior Edit

The Goldcrest is always flapping and hopping through evergreen tree branches, with quick and nervous movements. It eats small insects in summer and seeds in winter. In winter, it can form mixed flocks with tits, finches and firecrests. The winter is a very hard period for goldcrests, infact about 80% of the Goldcrest population does not survive this season. The Goldcrest nests on trees. Its nest is made of moss, cobwebs and straw, and the bird lays about ten eggs in it.

Distribution and habitat Edit

The Goldcrest lives mainly in Central and Norh Europe and Central Asia, but it sometimes moves to warmer areas. It is very common in the European mountains, like Alps and Pyrenees. This small passerine bird lives in evergreen trees woods, but is sometimes found in urban and suburban parks and gardens in winter.

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