Take Off

a bald eagle taking off.

are very fierce birds. They appear soaring in open skylines and near waterways. Eagles are known for their ability to see miles away from where they are. They have very strong and sharp,curved talons.

The eagle falls into the category of birds of prey, or raptors.

National birdEdit

The American Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. This was argued over in congress whether it would be the Bald Eagle or the Turkey. The Bald Eagle made the national bird in 1776 once congress had formed.

The Golden Eagle is also the national bird of Mexico and Germany. Once the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the first thing of interest that they saw was a Golden Eagle killing a snake. This symbol is also on the flag of Mexico.

Eagles in popular culture Edit

Eagles are considered very strong and clever birds, though they aren't very intelligent.

Behaviour Edit

Eagles prey upon smaller animals such as rabbits, ducks, and fish, depending by the species. Golden eagles prey mainly on mammals, the bald eagle hunts fish, the short-toed eagle eats snakes. The osprey is a type of bird of prey related to eagles known for swooping down over a river of pond and coming up with a fish, killing and eating it within the safety and shelter of its nest.

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