Gavia immer. Length:80cm/32".  Wing Span:115cm/46".  Weight:4.1kg/9lb.


The Common Loon is seen in most areas and is the most frequently seen species of loon. Winters on open lakes, bays and ocean.


The Common Loon is a long-bodied and large bird. In the Loon's breeding plumage (Mar.-Oct.), this bird's head and bill is black. It's back is black and checkered in white. Plus, they have brown-red eyes and a white collar and belly. This bird's juvenile and non-breeding (Sep.-Mar.) plumages are identified by their brown upperparts and white rings around the eyes. They eat warms


The Common Loon will dive underwater for saltwater and freshwater fish. It will also eat crustaceans, amphipods, snails, leeches, and aquatic insects. Larger prey is eaten above the surface while smaller prey is typically devoured under the surface. Dads saw

Similar birdsEdit


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