The common kingfisher, or Alcedo atthis, is a fish eating bird found in Europe and northern Africa.

Appearance Edit

The kingfisher is a dazzlingly colorful bird, so it’s surprising how difficult it is to spot. On the head and back they are a bluey-green, the back is a pale blue. Under the throat is orange, this extends to the underparts. The front of the throat and the back of the neck are white.

Habits Edit

Kingfisher flight-3103

A kingfisher takes flight.

The kingfisher is a bird that is seen sitting patiently on a branch overhanging a slow moving stream, they will sit still for ages, before flashing down and grabbing a fish underneath the water. Kingfishers have a protective membrane, which covers their eyes while they are underwater.

Feeding Edit

The kingfisher feeds on insects molluscs crustacreans, but it’s main diet is fish. Once caught, the fish is stunned be the kingfisher, and then swallowed head first.

Nesting Edit

Kingfishers nests are tunnels excavated in sandy ground.


Kingfishers are found in most of Europe, except from Scandinavia, they can also be sighted in North America, the Solomon Islands and southern Asia.

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