Common Gull
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: charadriiformes
Family: laridae
Genus: larus
Species: larus canus
The common gull, or Larus canus, is a gull that, as well as being found at sea, is a common sight inland.


The common gull has a white head, neck and underparts, it has a gray back and wings, as well as a white tail and yellow bill.


The common gull will often fight other, smaller gulls or birds to steal food from them. Common gulls seem to enjoy grasslands and agricultural areas.


As well as fish and shellfish, the common gull feeds on earthworms and other invertebrates.


Common gull’s nests are built next to water and made out of twigs and debris. They lay 2 or 3 pale blue or olive brown eggs, their eggs also have markings.


The common gull is found in Great Britain, Iceland, the Baltic region, Scandinava and Russia. It is also found in Asia and the west of North America.

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