Common Buzzard
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: falconiformes
Family: accipitridae
Genus: buteo
Species: buteo buteo
The Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo), is a fairly common bird of prey found in most of Europe and Africa.

Appearance Edit

The common buzzard is a fairly easy bird to recognize and distinguish. Fairly large and mostly brown they have a yellow and black beak with a fair amount of white plumage around it. They also have white streaks mixed with the brown around the underparts and on the tail. Noticeable too, is their strong legs. Females are normally larger then males. The colour of the plumage is very variable (from dark brown to very light brown)

Habits Edit

The common buzzard is a bird that can soar for long periods at a time and will do so waiting to sweep down and snatch prey. However, they also are, albeit rarely, found on roads, where they will hop along looking for small animals, despite the cars. This ability to adapt is why buzzards remain a common sight. While in flight buzzards will give mewling calls.

Feeding Edit

The common buzzard’s traditional food is rodents (like rabbits and mice), which they will hunt from the air, they also eat birds, snakes and lizards. When food like this is not available, or too difficult to catch, they can be found eating invertebrates, which they hunt on roads or they will also eat worms and insects, which they often look for in recently ploughed fields. They can even be seen eating road kills and carrions.


Common buzzards are found in western Europe, and in the summer, parts of Scandinavia and Asia. European buzzards migrate to south and east Africa in the winter.

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Common Buzzard Hovering and Attacking Prey

Common Buzzard Hovering and Attacking Prey