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Chickens are the most common bird that comes to mind when people think of eggs and chicks. Although, now, most living chickens are living on farms, in factories, or kept as pets, there are a few still alive in the wild.

The wild jungle fowl is the ancestor of all chickens.


Chickens vary from breed to breed in size, color, and weight. most common colouriations are brown and white. Chickens have a red-pink, fleshy crest and wattles, which are bigger in males (cocks/roosters). Chickens have a yellow-whitish strong beak and strong, light yellow feet used for scraping. Males are bigger than females and have a longer, metallic green-black tail. They also have spurred legs.

the most commonly kown chicken is the egg producing chickens, witch is a hibrid between rhode island reds and white leghorn.

The chicks are nidifugous and covered of a soft, fluffy down. The down can be yellow, gray, whitish, black or brown.


Chickens eat mainly seeds (they are granivorous), but they also eat worms and insects, fruits, vegetables and even mice and lizards. The male (cock or rooster) is polygamous. The chicks are nidifugous and the mother hens are very protective to them. Contrary to what people think, chickens can fly, even if for short distances. Some domestic races have trouble with taking off because they are very heavy and can't fly high, but wild chickens fly good as pheasants and grouses do.

Origin Edit

Chickens descend from the wild Red Junglefowl, that still lives in Southeast Asia. Junglefowls were domesticated and now they live as farm animals in all the world. The Red Junglefowl is smaller than the majority of the domestic chickens races. Domestic chickens are also much heavier than junglefowls and it is more difficoult for them to take off.


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