carrion crow.

The Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) - Feathered around the base of the bill unlike the rook. It is a scavenger that will feed on carrion, small mammals, birds, frogs, insects and vegetable matter. Unlike the Rook (Corvus frugilegus), the Carrion Crow is a solitary nester, though they will often be found roosting communally.


The plumage of Carrion Crow is black with a green or purple sheen, much greener than the gloss of the Rook. The bill, legs and feet are also black. It can be distinguished from the Common Raven by its size (48–52 cm or 18 to 21 inches in length) and from the Hooded Crow by its black plumage, but there is frequent confusion between it and the Rook. note that the beak of the Crow is stouter and in consequence looks shorter, and whereas in the adult Rook the nostrils are bare, those of the Crow are covered at all ages with bristle-like feathers.

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