Blue jay peanut-234

A Blue Jay grabs a peanut from a platform feeder.

The Blue Jay, or Cyanocitta cristata, is a 30 Cm bird. It is one of the most common birds found in the United States.

Appearance Edit

The Blue Jay has a blue crest and wings, with a white area on face and white markings on the wings. It can also be easily identified by the black collar around its neck. It has a large body, able to consume large amounts of food.

Distribution Edit

Blue Jays are found from Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland south to Florida, west as far as Albert's, central Wyoming and Colorado and eastern New Mexico. They live in wooded areas, and have adapted to backyards and city environments.


Blue Jays are known for invading feeding stations. They like to eat peanuts on platform feeders. blue jays are omnivores


These birds build their nests in tall evergreen trees. The eggs hatch in about 18 days, and then the parents care for the young throughout autumn.

Similar Birds Edit

Steller's jay

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