A bird sanctuary is a place that birds are attracted to. Literally, it is a sanctuary for the birds!

Sanctuary heron-6209

A heron wades at a bird sanctuary.

Location Edit

Bird sanctuaries can be found indoors or outdoors. Indoor sanctuaries are mostly enclosed, and the outdoor ones are open. Zoos sometimes have bird sanctuaries.



Plants are vital in wildlife sanctuaries.

Attractions Edit

Attracting birds is a big part in building a bird sanctuary. Attracting birds to your backyard provides you with a connection to your local environment. You might never realize how many different, beautiful and unique birds live in your neighborhood until you invite them into your backyard!

Here are seven tips to get you started:

  1. Do some research. Find out what types of birds are in your area and are likely to be attracted to your sanctuary.
  2. Provide food. One of the easiest ways is to buy feeders and seed, but you can also plant trees and shrubs to attract birds.
  3. Offer shelter. Different species nest in different places; study the birds to determine what you can provide.
  4. Give them nesting material. Stuff mesh bags with pieces of yarn or string, straw, pet fur, hair from your comb, small bits of cloth, and anything a bird can use to make a nest.
  5. Provide grit. Birds don't have teeth to chew their food, so they swallow bits of sand that help grind the food in their gizzard.
  6. Create a water source. Birds are attracted to the sound of dripping or moving water.
  7. Plant native plants. Use a local field guide or call your local Audubon Society chapter to find out what grows naturally in your region, and add these plants to your garden