Bird Guide
Inside the egg

Birds are very smart animals and they have very good memories and very soft feathers and sometimes very noisy. You can have some of them as pets like parrots and parakeets.

They get along with other animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, chinchilla, rabbits, and other birds.

They can be expensive if you buy a parrot as a pet, but if you get a parakeet they are much less costly. Birds can be big or small.

Birds migrate over the winter when its cold and go th somewere warmer they fly for days and days with out stop. They do not hybernate like bears. birds have a very balanced diet they are herbivores and eat mostly insects.

A birds life cycle starts with a egg. Baby birds hatch to get out of the shell the hatchlings grow into fledglings witch are inmature birds. when they have finished growing they become mature or adults. a animals life span is different from its life cycle. a life span is the amount of time a animal is alive it ends when the animal dies a life cycle is repeated again and again. Day one: the tint embreo is attached to the egg by a cord the embryo sits on top of the yolk witch is food.

Day seven: blood vessels attached to the yolk carry food to the embryo while its heart is forming the chick starts to grow legs, wings, and a beak.

What a variety of nest birds make to hold their eggs and later their chicks. oriols weave deep bags using string or plant stems. bald eagle and ospray return to the same nest every year after years adding sticks, driftwood, and other things until the piles weigh half a ton or more. gulls, terns, and killdeer just scrape away dirt making shallow deperessions.

the american robin Robbins are usualy found hopping around in front lawns in search of earth worms.In the fall and winter they turn to fruit and berries for food oringinally a woodland species they have thrilled in modern suburbia.

Look for: a plumpy bird that is gray brown above rusty orange black the bill is yellow the femails head is brown and black. Length:9-11 cm.

The northern cardinal The brilliantly colored cardinal has the record for popularity as the state bird in seven states. this common bird is a winter fixture at snow covered bird feeders through out the north east but it only spread to new york and new england in the mid 20th century. Length:21-23cm

the red tailed hawk The most common and wide spread hawk is a bird in north america the red tailed hawk is a bird of open country it is frequently seen on utility poles where it watches over for rodentsin the grass or along the side of the rode. Length:45-65 cm

Golden crowned kinglet A tiny, continuously active bird, the Golden-crowned Kinglet is most frequently found in coniferous woods. Despite being barely larger than a hummingbird, the kinglet winters northward to Canada and Alaska. Length:8-11

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