Atlantic canary
a wild canary.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: aves
Order: passeriformes
Family: fringillidae
Genus: serinus
Species: serinus canaria
The Atlantic canary, serinus canaria, is a very well-known bird in the fringillidae family.

The wild Atlantic canary lives in the Canary Islands and is the most poplar bird kept as pet. It is closely related to the smaller European serin. 

It has a melodious song with "liquid" notes. The wild Atlantic canary can range from 10 to 12cm in length, with a wingspan of 21 to 23.7cm . The male has a largely yellow-green head and underparts with a yellower forehead, face and supercilium. The lower belly and undertail-coverts are whitish and there are some dark streaks on the sides. The upperparts are grey-green with dark streaks and the rump is dull yellow. The female is similar to the male but duller with a greyer head and breast and less yellow underparts. Juvenile birds are largely brown with dark streaking.                                                                                 

Domestic races have many different colouriation, including plain yellow, orange, brown, grey and blue. They also can have curled feathers.

Canaries eat seeds and insects, and canary chicks are fed insects. The nest is made of cobwebs, straw and moss.

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