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The American robin, (Turdus migratorius), is a member from the Turdidae family.


The male and female of this species look alike, except the male has a darker head and brighter or deeper red chest. The head is black or gray, with a brown white eye ring and striping under the throat. The American Robin's wings are gray or dark brown, along with its tail. Both the male and female have brick red coverts and brown legs. Females, however, have a gray head rather then a darker one. Males are more commonly noticed because of their darker head.


The American Robin is usually found in pairs or alone. Sometimes, they are in flocks during the winter. They are very defensive toward their nest and young. American Robins are commonly seen in a "running-stopping" style in fields and lawns. These birds have adapted to human disturbances. This species of robin is known to be relatively more aggresive than other species.


The American Robin is considered a sign of spring in many regions and is one of the most common, widely distributed, and most well-known birds in North America.

Similar birdsEdit

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