the Alpine chough is a corvid that breeds is European mountains, like Alps.
Alpine chough

Description Edit

the Alpine chough (or yellow-billed chough) has a glossy-black plumage, a yellow bill and short, red legs. It has quite long and broad wings and rounded tail. It is smaller than the chough.


chough (left) alpine chough (right)

Behavior Edit

This bird lives in the mountains at 1500-4000 meters of altitude. It breeds in big flocks and nests in rocky areas. It is very noisy and its call is a whistle. It eats worms, insects, seed, small rodents and lizards and carcass. Its nest is made of wool, twigs, straw and feathers. The Alpine chough doesn't fear humans. It often attacks birds of prey to chase them away from nidification colonies.

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